Monday, 27 May 2013

Raipur Congress leadership washout : Future of India

Raipur massacare by Naxalite shows that ostrich like behavior can be prooved deadly to Congress itself not only India's Mango People.

Government can defend any thing Shamelessly. No problem.

But Problem is there whether you accept it or not.

It you are not accepting it , and advertising everywhere that all is well may kill yourself someday.

This is what happened with MAhendra Verma . Killers are not naxaites , it is center government who were ignoring the naxalite from last several years even after the lalgarh incident.

China security threats ,
Pakistan tendency of using every opportunity to harm India and indians.
Need of Police reform
Need of education system reforms
Flood problem in UP Bihar ,
Bangladeshi Muslim issue all over in India
Super urgent need free education to all to ensure that every body finish at least 10th standard.
Sexual/Social needs of 80 males (Sex ration 980 females per 1000 males)

You can blame it to congress since he was in center for last 10 years.
All other governments has been also failed to predict the problems and make a strong problem statement.
A country like India can not be developed by mere blaming congress and nehru .
We need someone who can think , forsee the problem and cater proactive solutions.

Ostrich like behavior Center and state goverments can totally wash out India's mega citys by sudden chemical or bio chemical attacks by Al Quida , IM .
CBI , RAW and IB will not even smell any rotten egg with current mind set.

By chance if  security agencies smell the threats ,
Political impotency of Indian leaders totally reject the clues and spray airfreshner in air.
Second these leader has no time to think even in the direction given by US , UK and Japan case of bio chemical attacks.

Hope someone in India wake up before we get executed by Naxalite , Bangaladeshis , Chinese or Pakistani Army.
You can call me pessimist ,  but I call my self proactive negative thinker who is extra sensitive for your family and your safety. Being developed nation is dream